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This bootcamp will prepare qualified Microsoft Professionals to earn the Microsoft Certified Systems Associate: Cloud Platform certification. This program is designed to provide you with cutting-edge skills development. We provide you with expert instruction and our hands-on labs that are accelerated and based on real-world scenarios.

We offer test preparation and our 100% test pass guarantee. We have a 92% first time pass rate on the exams. During class each student will receive two exam vouchers and also sign up for a second shot when available. If a student needs a second shot then we will provide that at no additional cost.

Each student will be given two vouchers for taking the MCSA exams or on-site testing will be provided.



  • Learn how to use the Azure portals
  • Learn to use Azure Resource Manager features in the Azure portal
  • Learn to use Azure PowerShell
  • Learn to use Azure CLI
  • Be able to identify suitable apps for the cloud
  • Identify the services and capabilities that Azure provides
  • Use Azure portals to manage Azure services and subscriptions
  • Use Azure PowerShell and Azure CLI to manage Azure services and subscriptions
  • Use Azure Resource Manager to manage Azure resources
  • Use Azure management services to manage and monitor Azure resources
  • Plan and implement virtual networks in Azure
  • Manage virtual networks
  • Configure cross-connectivity and connectivity between virtual networks in Azure
  • Configure an Azure virtual network
  • Describe Azure classic networking
  • Describe the main characteristics of Azure VMs
  • Plan the Azure VM deployments
  • Deploy Azure VMs
  • Describe the main characterisitics of classic Azure VMs
  • Configure Azure VMs
  • Manage Azure VM disks
  • Manage and monitor Azure VMs
  • Manage classic Azure VMs
  • Identify the different types ofapps that you can create by using App Service
  • Create a service plan and select a deployment method for App Service apps in Azure
  • Use Visual Studio, FTP clients, Azure PowerShell, and Azure CLI to deploy web and mobile apps to Azure
  • Configure web apps and use the Azure WebJobs feature to run custom tasks
  • Monitor the performance of web apps
  • Create and configure mobile apps
  • Use Azure Traffic Manager to distribute requests between two or more app services
  • Choose appropriate Azure Storage options to address business needs
  • Implement and manage Azure Storage
  • Improve web application performance by implementing Azure CDNs
  • Protect cloud-resident and on-premises workloads by using Azure Backup and Azure Site Recovery
  • Implement Windows and Linux containers in Azure
  • Implement Azure Container Service
  • Plan and deploy Azure Cloud Services
  • Explain how to manage and maintain Azure Cloud Services
  • Create and manage Azure AD tenants
  • Configure SSO for cloud applications and resources, and implement RBAC for cloud resources
  • Explain the functionality of Azure AD Premium and implement Azure Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Extend an on-premises Active Directory domain to Azure IaaS envrionments
  • Synchronize user, group and computer accoutns betwen on-premises AD DS and Azure AD
  • Set up SSO by using federation and pass-through authentication between on-premises Active Directory and Azure AD
  • Implement OMS solutions
  • Implement Azure Automation
  • Implement different types of Azure Automation runbooks
  • Implement Azure Automation-based management
  • Preparation for 70-533 and 70-535 exams

What Do Students Get?

  • Access to labs for 3 to 6 months depending on the program
  • Two Exam Vouchers
  • Test Materials (Sample test questions)
  • Books and Materials
  • Test Pass Guarantee
  • Email Support for Life


IT professionals, IT generalists and help desk professionals who want to learn about the Azure Cloud environment are the audience for this course.  This course will provide experienced IT professional with the training they need to plan, configure, and manage an Azure environment.   Students who attentd this course should have a fairly broad knowledge of serveral on-premises technologies such as DNS and AD DS.  They should have a general knowledge of virtualization, storage, web site deployment and are looking to cross train from Amazon Web Services (AWS).   This boot camp will prepare the student for the 70-533 and 70-535 exams to help them earn the MCSA Cloud Platform certification.






  • Completed the Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA) certification in Windows Server 2012(R2) or Windows Server 2016
  • Understanding of on-premises virtualization technologies, including: VMs, virtual networking, and virtual hard disks
  • Understanding of network copnfiguration, including: TCP/IP, Domain Name System(DNS), virtual private networks (VPNs), firewalls and encryption
  •   technologies
  • Understanding of websites, including: how to create, configure, monitor and deploy a website on Internet Information Services (IIS)
  • Understanding of Active Directory concepts, including: domains, trusts, forests, domain controllers, replication, Kerberos protocol and Lightweight
  •  Directory Access Protocol(LDAP)
  • Understanding of resilence and disaster recovery, including backup and restore operations

Schedule for 2018

Online Orlando Las Vegas Miami Cayman Islands London

Course Hours

MON-WED (10AM - 6PM) -  72 Hours

9 Days

Course Content

Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure (70-533)

Design and Implement Azure App Service Apps

  • Deploy Web Apps
  • Configure Web Apps
  • Configure diagnostics, monitoring, and analytics
  • Configure Web Apps for scale and resilience

Create and Manage Compute Resources

  • Deploy workloads on Azure Resource Manager (ARM) virtual machines (VMs)
  • Perform configuration management
  • Design and implement VM storage
  • Monitor ARM VMs
  • Manage ARM VM availability
  • Scale ARM VMs
  • Manage Containers with Azure Container Services (ACS)

Design and Implement a Storage Strategy

  • Implement Azure Storage blobs and Azure Files
  • Manage access
  • Configure diagnostics, monitoring and analytics
  • Implement storage encryption

Implement Virtual Networks

  • Configure virtual networks
  • Design and implement multi-site or hybrid network connectivity
  • Configure ARM networking
  • Design and implement a connection strategy

Design and Deploy ARM Templates

  • Implement ARM templates
  • Control access
  • Design role-based access control (RBAC)

Manage Azure Security and Recovery Services

  • Manage data protection and security compliance
  • Implement recovery services

Manage Azure Operations

  • Enhance clod management with automation
  • Collect and analyze data generated by resources in cloud and on-premises environment

Manage Azure Identities

  • Monitor on-premises identity infrastructure and synchorization services with Azure AD Connect Health
  • Manage domains with Azure Active Directory Domain Services
  • Integrate with Azure Active Directory (Azure AD)
  • Implement Azure AD B2C and Azure AD B2B

Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions (70-535)

Design Compute Infrastructure

  • Design solutions using virtual machines
  • Design solutions for serverless computing
  • Design microservices-based computing
  • Design web applications
  • Create computer-intensive application

Design Data Implementation

  • Design for Azure Storage solutions
  • Design for Azure Data Services
  • Design for relational database storage
  • Design for NoSQL storage
  • Design for CosmosDB storage

Design Networking Implementation

  • Design Azure virtual networks
  • Design external connectivity for Azure Virtual Networks
  • Design security strategies
  • Desgin connectivity for hybrid applications

Design Security and Identity Solutions

  • Design identity solution
  • Secure resources by using identity providers
  • Design data security solution
  • Design a mechanism of governance and policies for administering Azure resources

Design Solutions by using Platform Services

  • Design for Artificial Intelligence Services
  • Design for IoT
  • Design messaging solution architectures
  • Design for media service solutions

Design for Operations

  • Design an application monitoring and alerting strategy
  • Design a platform monitoring and alerting strategy
  • Design a operations automation strategy

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