High Quality Training ... When you want it.

IT budgets are shrinking when it comes to training.  More companies would rather do training remotely.   They want to get training when they want it.  Idea Dudes recognizes this trend.   We offer on-demand training, remote training and in-house training.   We have access to over 3000 courses that are tailored to train your company with the latest and greatest technologies.  Here are some of the pain points that we here from customers. 

  • Cannot afford to miss time from active work projects

  • Looking for training providers who offer multiple training offerings and additional services

  • Need to ensure training investments are effective at building technical skills 

Our product is superior to our competitors for five key reasons:

  1. You will be trained by experts. Each of our trainers has over ten years of experience in the field as well as, of course, holding the required certifications.   We are consultants first and trainers second.We are consultants first and trainers second, so each of us brings fresh real world experience to the classroom.

  2. We GUARANTEE that each student who completes a certification course will pass the pertaining examinations.  If a student does not pass, we shall pay for re-takes until they do pass. We shall work with students to help them understand what they need to improve on to help them pass. We have a 92% pass ratio on students taking the exam the first time.

  3. Most importantly.  idea Dudes provides a lifelong commitment to our students.   If any student has any questions whatsoever, whether the question pertains directly to the knowledge domain of a given course in which they were enrolled or indirectly, we shall find an answer. You can contact us during OR after the course. We believe that a student is always a student, especially in the fast paced, dynamic, ever changing IT industry.

    That's right, six months after the course, one year after the course, ten years later... If you need assistance with something pertaining to the subject matter of your course, contact us and we guarantee that we shall do all that we can to help you come up with a solution. This is a matter of pride for us and we offer this free of charge. You will not find this support from any of our competitors. We take the success of our students personally and although this commitment is substantial, we offer it happily.

  4. We can help you find money so that the course can potentially be, in effect, FREE. You heard this right. Idea Dudes is partnered with many different companies. One of our partners can show your company how to get the class for FREE. Just ask for details.

  5. We bring the real world into the classroom. When you enter a Microsoft Certification Camps classroom, bring your troubles to us. We design our courses to answer YOUR questions regarding YOUR environment by simulating YOUR environment. We build the class as we go. Take Exchange Server boot camp for example, we shall build the Exchange Server environment step-by-step. This is valuable because then you can take those skills and apply them to your environment. You don't just learn how to pass an examination, but how to optimally deploy and manage a technology or technology suite in a best practice paradigm. We are here to help you lower your Total Cost of Ownership.

These are just some of the reasons why we are 100% confident that our service proves, hands down, the best option for anyone seeking training and certification for any of the Microsoft or Cisco core technologies. We are constantly adding options and courses to our inventory.

The Certification Experience

Microsoft Certification Camps is about providing business solutions and lowering companies Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).  When you walk into a Microsoft Certification Camps class, you are starting a journey into the Certification Experience.  

We believe that a comfortable, pleasant and orderly focused environment facilitates learning.   Although our course prices are low, they include everything to make your training experience memorable.  

Most of our certification courses start on a Wednesday and end of Wednesday.  Our non-certification specific training courses start on a Monday and end on a Friday. 

We do not prepare you just to pass an exam.  We teach the real world knowledge that is needed to succeed on the job.   We also provide you with study material to help you to pass the certification exam and guarantee that each student will pass his or her exam. 

We are about providing a real world experience.  We are family friendly.  Boot camps, you can also bring your family and let them enjoy the experience with you.   Each room holds up to 4 people.   You can cook , study and relax while you are in the capable hands of the resort.   We use Westgate Resorts as one of our resort providers.   They are family and customer friendly.   We have more than 28 locations where we will be holding our boot camps.   Some of the different areas include:

  • Gatlinburg, TN

  • Park City, UT

  • Las Vegas, NV

  • Mesa, AZ

  • Myrtle Beach, SC

  • Orlando, FL

  • Branson, MO

  • Williamsburg, VA

  • Grand Cayaman, Islands

  • More locations to come

The Certification Experience is about you.  You are the student and most important.  We want to make sure that you have the best experience possible.  We take your success personally.   We re-interate, we will be happy to answer any questions and or provide help at any point during OR after the course.   We guarantee to provide the answer/solution to your question(s).   The only bad questions is a question that is not asked.  Take a look at our video about the Certification Experience. 

To find out how you can start your Certification Experience journey or get additional information about our classes call us at 1-888-512-3450 or email us at sales@microsoftcertificationcamps.com

Thank you and we look forward to making your experience a "Certification Experience".  



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